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A love fiesta

Cockstock 2012 LIVE

Cockstock features the best and strangest underground acts around, here’s a preview:

Bikini Beach Band


Surf sounds from the kings of surf-noir, delivered deadpan style in flamboyant clothing and Elvis shades plus the ever-present fezzes! You’re gonna love it! Watch the guys in action here 

Gorgeous George


One of the most exciting live and recording acts to have emerged from London in recent times. Their original and completely unique blend of Eastern European folk musics with a distinctly youthful South London wisp has been leaving audiences with their jaws dropped. 

They deliver hillarious tales of frighteningly believable and relative characters that make listening to them feel like one big fly on the wall documentary in a Council Estate, married with a musical skill, knowledge and stage presence which is rarely, if ever, seen in a band so young and new.’

Really looking forward to getting our polka on for this one. Listen (and download) here

Tea Street Band


Remember the spirit of 88? Dole queues getting bigger, the Conservatives in power and class war on the streets… causing a minor riot every time they play, this bastard mutilation combines 808 State with Doves and the gang mentality of The Happy Mondays!

This hugely tipped, proper band from Liverpool lead the balearic love assault at Cockstock 2012! Listen (and free download) here

The DJ line up covers the full range of quality house and disco with acts releasing on WOLF+LAMB, 2020 Vision, Hot Waves, Nurvous, Baker Street and more… Full line up here

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New location

We are excited to announce our location for 2012, which is a brand new venue formed within an incredible warehouse/studio space on the Hoxton banks of the canal.

hoxton docks

Hoxton Docks, formerly a warehouse used by the ‘Gas Light and Coke Company’, was commissioned by King George III to supply London with coal gas and operated as the first gas works in the UK. Situated on the Regents Canal, it’s landmarked by Bob Smith’s infamous ‘Ron’s Eel and Shell Fish’ mural.

For the past 20 years a thriving community of artists such as Turner Prize winner Rachel Whiteread, and more recently Keith Tyson, have made this space a stalwart of the East London art scene. Nestled amongst the arts is Kartikeya, a prototype 14 metre cruising SRB exploration vessel to take you back to the future!

ron's eel

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"Line up to be announced very soon, along with the Cockstock podcast 2012…"
time machines
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Cockstock 2012 - 15th September

This years Cockstock - The time Machine will now find a new home, hidden away at a London Docks location on the canal.

Expect more of the best and strangest underground acts to vibrate air molecules into your ears and fire electromagnetic waves into your eyes, whilst enjoying our all day retro Jamaican BBQ, time-warped installations, and much much more

We’re looking forward to seeing you all on 15.9.12 which, confusingly, might be the future, the past or right now…

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"Cockstock 2012 will be fifteen nine (15.09.12)."
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"For many years I have been wandering this earth with no religion, part of no cult, with nads full of semen. Not any more."
Mr Louis Ko, September 2009 
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